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Richard Querelle
Current teamDirty Habitphoto
Alias (known as)Ricardo
Home townTarporley Cheshire
CountryGwynedd UK
Retired from rugby and needed to find something to do on a Saturday to avoid shopping! Found mountain biking which then lead me onto adventure racing. survivied my first Questars, foolishly went back for even more pain and cramps by entering the two day ACE races and never really looked back from there!
Best AR disciplineMountain Biking
Worst AR disciplineRope Work
AR ambitionsTo complete an expedition length adventure race
AR bugbearPutting in pointless rope stages when they are not necessary
AR best momentFinishing the Transwales 08
AR worst momentPulling out of the ARC 2005
My AR best results10th in the Triple XXX
3rd Ace Races Lakes 2004
Top 15 in the Salamon X 2004
16th in the solo category of the Transwales
My next AR eventsPolaris
Transwales 2008
Open 5
Favourite AR race2 day Ace races
Favourite piece of kitGiant Anthem
Advice(tip) for other racersAlways keep the bike shiny side up!
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