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Tristan Gogan
School Teacher
Northam, Western Australia. Home of the Avon Descent
Victoria Australia
AR is about challenging myself to be doing something that I never thought I'd be doing and being somewhere I never thought I'd be. AR always seems to attract the most friendly, intelligent and interesting people your ever likely to cross paths with. Why wouldn't I want to be a part of it.
Taking the pain with a smile.
Trying to stomach those BBQ'd sausages they always seem to have in the recovery area.
To participate an a multi day AR in a spectacular part of the world. The Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge comes to mind.
Snow at the finish line and only being in shorts and t-shirt.
Sitting in an ice cold stream at the end of a 4 peaks stage looking across the Victorian Alps
Breaking my hand on the third ride of my new MTB.
4th Male team Mountain Design AR Victoria 2010
13th Four Peaks Challenge 2009
4th Male team Upper Murray Challenge 2009 (runner)
Feeling good at the end of an Otway Odyssey
Solo Upper Murray Challenge
Four Peaks Challenge
Four Peaks Challenge
Ay Up Lights
Except impermanence.