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Jo Halliday
Current teamTeam Acceleratephoto
Home townCoventry
CountryWarwickshire UK
Came to adventure racing at the end of 2009 from an orienteering background. Started with an Open 5 then moved onto the Open 24. Really enjoyed my first season and looking forward to many more and moving into longer races.
Best AR disciplineNavigation
Worst AR disciplineBike mechanics
AR ambitionsWin Open Endurance series. Move successfully into XPD Racing.
AR bugbearCleaning kit when back home post race!
AR best momentFinishing the Open 24 (2010)
AR worst momentPulled out of Terrex 2010
My AR best resultsPodium finishes in Open 5 series 2009/10
My next AR eventsOpen 5 series 2010/11
Open Endurance series 2011
Open C2C 2011
Favourite AR raceOpen 24
Favourite piece of kitSkins cycling shorts
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