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Sep 18


  • Portugal (PRT)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Paddling
  • Navigation
  • Team
  • Multi-Day
Event Length/Duration: 80 hours
Location: Braga

NORCHA, is an adventure race, born to satisfy lovers of extreme sports and survival. Our main goal is to offer all the intervening people an unforgettable experience in Portugal, enabling them to expand their horizons in relation to himself and to others, in a harmonious connection to the environment.

This is more than adventure race, is a multidisciplinary expedition, in which mixed teams will cover a route of about 400 km and get achieve the goal at most of 4 days open course. This special edition will take place in the north of Portugal, in the context of Braga 2018 - the European City of Sport.

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