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Nov 17

K-Way SkyRun

  • South Africa (ZAF)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Solo
  • One-Day
Event Length/Duration: 100 km
Location: Lady Grey in South Africa

So what makes this 100km trail run any different to others currently on offer? Well besides the fact that it is completely self-supported and self-navigated, as in there is no marked trail, it is one of the most remote races, set high up in the Witteberg Mountain Range in the Eastern Cape. So remote in fact that over the years many competitors have suffered anxiety attacks at the sheer isolation of not seeing another form of human life whilst out on the trail! And add to that the completely unpredictable nature of the weather in the area – competitors are never really sure what they are in for on race day!

SkyRun is THE next level race and it’s easy to understand why it has made it onto the bucket list of serious trail runners around the world. Yet despite being a bucket list race, each year roughly 75% of the field is made up of past runners.

The race encompasses 3 distances – 100km, 65km and 38km. The 100km and 65km races are unique in that they are truly self-supported and self-navigational races, where athletes tackle the remote terrain of the Witteberg Mountain range with a map, compass or GPS unit and a backpack containing all their food, water and compulsory equipment that will enable them to survive in this harsh environment, while operating at an average height of between 2200-2500 meters above sea level.

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