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Aug 24 2019

Kaunas Challenge

  • Lithuania (LTU)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Navigation
  • Other Disciplines
  • Team
  • One Day Event
Length/Duration: 60.0 km
Location: Kaunas district

Four courses are offered:

BLACK (from 5 hours, ~50-55 km) course is designed for athletes who train regularly and who look for big challenges. The participants in this course must have competitive experience and good navigation skills.

RED (from 3 hours, ~30 km) for athletes who do not have the physical/mental prowess to complete the black course but wish to experience maximum what’s possible on an adventure racing course.

BLUE (from 2 hours, ~20 km) course for those who love active lifestyle and search for optimal physical challenge and adventure experience ratio.

GREEN (1 - 2 hours, ~10 km) for those who wish to try adventure racing. This course does not require any special preparation except for ability to ride a bike and have fundamental navigation skills.

Kaunas Challenge

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