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Jan 20 2018

CCAR Round 3

  • Ireland (IRL)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Paddling
  • Navigation
  • Team
  • One-Day
Length/Duration: 5 hours
Location: Co. Tyrone

The CCAR Winter Race Series has been running since 2006, and has generated a huge influx of new competitors into the fantastic, exciting and globally growing sport of Adventure Racing. Can't handle it, think again; you likely CAN handle it if you're reasonably fit and healthy - it's just a big old treasure hunt with a few twists, so you don't need to be mighty fit to enjoy the sense of achievement of finishing (but it might help a bit!).  All you need in terms of kit is a mountain-bike (any type) and a helmet plus a few other small items - all the kayaking stuff is provided. Each team will have two people, and there are three categories: Male, Female and Mixed Cost: £35 per person Note, we can take competitors from 14+ (but need to register your team with adult partner if under 16), consent forms for all under 18's will be required, which we can sorted out later on after you enter. Please check the website for more details about this event plus the other events in the series which are listed below.

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