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Jun 02 2018

XTRAIL Altay Expedition

  • China (CHN)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Paddling
  • Navigation
  • Team
  • Multi-Day
Length/Duration: 600 km
Location: Altay, Xinjiang

Altay Expedition is open to mixed teams of four, team are estimated to complete the non-stop, unsupported course of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, rope skill and navigation in 3-6 days. The total distance for the race will be 600+KM, which are more diverse and complicated than last year demonstration. The closing time for the full course close is on the 6th day. Moreover, the course will pass through desert, lakes and more other landforms. The exact course is kept secret until 24hrs before the starts. With much excitement and anticipation, teams are provided a course booklet and their race maps. 

Previous course:

Live tracking was used at the 2017 event. Click here to view the site which will show the course, tracks teams took and results.

Latest Race Report

Team Avaya Ready to Race in China
Ni Hao from China, the Altay prefecture located in northern Xinjiang. We are in the north west of China which borders Kazakstan, Russia and Read More

Latest News Article

'Adventure'. Def; An Unusual and Exciting or Daring ...
I'm writing from home in New Zealand after 2-days of traveling from Altay in China. Well ... that was a peculiar experience. If you Read More

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