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Sep 14 2018

Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race

  • Finland (FIN)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Paddling
  • Navigation
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Team
  • Multi-Day
Length/Duration: 250 km
Location: Hossa National Park Finland

Lost In Kainuu Adventure Race 2018 is Finland's biggest and most versatile adventure race held 14th and 15th of September around beautiful scenery and landscape of Hossa National Park located in Kainuu region and Northern Finland. Every year more than 150 teams and 350-400 competitors experience gorgeous landscapes of Kainuu which has vast amount of lakes and plethora of forests where participants can test their mental, physical and teamwork abilities while having an adventure of their lifetime. Come along and have an unforgettable challenge for you and your team and experience amazing sceneries and quiet wilderness of Hossa area.

We offer following categories in our adventure race
Extremely Lost, 24 hours continuous race, total distance 240-260 km, 3 person / team, men/women/mixed
Lost, 16-18 hours with mandatory night break, total distance 180-200 km, 2 person / team, men/women/mixed
Almost Lost, 6-8 hour day adventure, total distance 80-90 km, 2 person / team, men/women/mixed

We are also offering full travel and race package which includes almost everything what your team needs for arriving to Lost In Kainuu Hossa Adventure Race including bicycles, accomodation and transportation.

Please visit our website and facebook for more information and feel free to contact if you have any inquiries about the race, arrival, accommodation etc.

Check out the previous videos and photos about our race from our webpage here.


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