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Sep 16 2018

MTB Nav - SouthWest MBO League 4 - Poldice Va ...

  • UK (GBR)

  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Navigation
  • Solo
  • Team
  • One-Day
Length/Duration: 3 hours
Location: The Poldice Valley

A 3 hour score event on the rugged landscape of the former mining works of the Poldice Valley, and the surrounding area.

The Course:
A 3 hour MBO Score (visit as many Check Points as possible within the 3 hour time limit ) with controls scattered across the Moorland, the Woodland and the surrounding area.

Enter either as an Individual or a Pair.

MTB Nav events require riders, either solo or pairs to visit as many of the available Check Points on a map within the allowed time. Each rider accumulates a total score dependent on how many and which particular Check Points they visit. There is no set order for visiting the Check Points & riders have to decide the most efficient route on which to use their time and energy. The rider with the highest points total is the winner. As route choice, level of difficulty and duration of riding are all decisions for the rider, these events really can give anyone a buzz, whatever their ability level.

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