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Sep 05 2019

Eco-Challenge Fiji Islands

  • Fiji (FJI)

  • Off-Road Running
  • Off-Road Cycling
  • Paddling
  • Navigation
  • Open Water Swimming
  • Team
  • Multi-Day
Length/Duration: 400 miles
Location: Fiji Islands

Eco-Challenge is the ultimate expedition race in which international teams of adventure athletes will race non-stop, 24 hours a day, across hundreds of miles of rugged backcountry terrain complete with mountains, jungles and oceans.

Each team is comprised of a racing team of four competitors and must include at least one member of the opposite sex, plus one assistant crew member.

The race will encompass a variety of non-motorized forms of transportation including outrigger paddling, mountain biking, rappelling, climbing, whitewater rafting, pack rafting and paddle boarding.

Navigation must be done with map and compass only and teams will be required to use expedition problem-solving skills in their quest for the finish line.

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