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Ultralight backpacks Optic and Octal

Press Release / 22.02.2018

­Weight saving evolution continues

OPTIC and OCTAL – two ultralight packs for the 2018 season from backpack experts Gregory. Stripped weights of just 1.08 / 1.01 kg for the 48-litre and 45-litre version and 1.1 / 1.02 kg for the 58-litre and 55-litre version. All four packs – two for men, two for women - come in three different back lengths, to ensure a good fit for all back sizes.

These new lightweight trekking packs make no compromises on comfort or durability and won't swallow up your entire equipment budget. The OPTIC (men's) and OCTAL (women's) combine lightweight designs with a Gregory-specific comfortable fit, robust materials and full functionality.

The AeroSpan suspension system is the ultralight further development of the innovative Gregory VaporSpan system featured on the breathable SALVO and SULA daypacks. In addition to their ultra-light credentials, the OPTIC and OCTAL also provide proper moisture management and carry comfort. A lightweight 7001 aluminium tubular frame ensures energy-saving load distribution and superior ventilation. Using bodymapping technology, pressure points and friction are localised and then effectively reduced by dual density foam padding. This ensures that no more foam padding is used than is required – saving further weight.

For purists looking to save every gram, the integrated raincover can be left at home, along with the detachable lid – the pack is supplied with an ultra-light cover which can be used instead.

A backpack should fit like a pair of shoes. This is why Gregory offers each volume of the OPTIC and OCTAL in three different back lengths. Further features include the stretch mesh pocket on the front of the pack, the easy-access side bottle holster, raincover, sunglass quickstow, compression straps, internal hydration sleeve and port.

The men's OPTIC comes with 48- and 58-litre capacities in the colours Lava Grey and Beacon Blue. The women's OCTAL comes in a 45- and 55-litre version in the colours Frost Grey and Monarch Blue. Both packs have a recommended retail price of 210 euros or 190 euros for the smaller version.

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