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Sandes & Greisel Reach Jiri In Their Run Across Nepal

Press Release / Photo : Wandering Fever/Red Bull Media / 19.03.2018

Ryan Sandes

Ryan Sandes and Ryno Griesel have reached the town of Jiri on their FKT (Fastest Known Time) attempt of Andrew Porter’s route on the Great Himalayan Trail across Nepal.

By this morning they had completed 1098km, leaving just over 300km to go until they are done, which will hopefully be this week! They have had a tough few days, Ryan has struggled a bit with tummy issues and Ryno has still been battling with injury and his frost bitten fingers– which hopefully he won’t lose any parts of!

Here is what the two had to say on Day 19 after running 1098km;


“It feels like we have been going for an eternity, the last 2 days have been especially rough as I have been struggling with my tummy. The last 300km have been mentally quite draining and Ryno and I have dubbed it the Graveyard shift, but having reached the town of Jiri has been a great milestone we can tick off our list.

"This has been the biggest adventure of my life and far more challenging that I ever imagined it could be on so many levels. I was joking the other day with Ryno saying that this crossing has been such a huge adventure, but at the same time so overwhelming that I have almost been tempted to say it might be easier to go back to a 9 to 5 corporate job!

Don’t worry only joking, this is an experience I don’t think I will ever be able to top!”


“My legs and especially my hands have been really sensitive and sore the last few days, and the last 300km of the “graveyard shift” have been mentally challenging to say the least. I am really glad to be in Jiri – at least it’s one more village to check off on our list! And I am really looking forward to a shower and good South African food!”

There are two new articles up on the Red Bull tracking site with some more insight into their crossing from Dean Leslie from The Wandering Fever who are filming their attempt.

Ryan also posted a Facebook Live update this morning from Jiri;

(Ed. Jiri is significant as it was the traditional roadhead for the trek in the Everest region - towards which the two runners are now heading.  There has been considerable discussion in the ultra-running community on the merits of calling the run a Fastest Known Traverse for the Great Himalaya Trail. A good summary is this post by Lizzy Hawker

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