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Alpine Quest Launched for 2019

Author : Press Release

PhotoCredit : Adventure Junkie

Date Posted : 2018/05/10

An exciting new event on the Aussie AR calendar “Alpine Quest” has been given the green light to proceed in 2019.

The Adventure Junkie team have pushed out the date of their X-Marathon race to the end of 2019 with the objective to help ensure a little more water in the Gippsland rivers but also to enable Alpine Quest to fit in their 2019 calendar. The adventure race event involving navigation, kayaking, MTB and trekking as teams of four will be held on Australia Day weekend from 25-28 January.

The Alpine Ski Resort of Falls Creek will host the Alpine Quest event.  The Alpine Quest will add to the Victorian resorts growing list of summer adventure based on mountain MTB, cycling and running events, and will help showcase it as a true year round resort. 

“We are really excited to be taking Australian adventure racing back to the mountains” said Serge Kurov from Adventure Junkie.  “We have previously raced in Falls Creek and love the diversity of terrain that it has to offer, but we plan on making Alpine Quest a very unique event. It won’t be like other races held in the area and will be a fully supported linear ‘Expedition’ style course enabling us to incorporate some local whitewater kayaking and some spectacular and remote areas of the alpine environment over a 36 hour time period. We will also offer an option for the less experienced racers wanting to ‘Explore’ the alps with separate 6 hour stages over two days.”

Being January it is expected that the cooler Alpine climate will also provide some welcome relief from the high temperatures often seen in Victoria at that time of year.

Registrations will open 1 June 2018. Further details at

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