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Northern Traverse: The End.

Author : Carrick Armer

PhotoCredit : Pyro

Date Posted : 2018/05/16

The Northern Traverse is now wrapped up, with Simon Bilton dropping the hammer to come in ahead of Jon Sutcliffe, who walked in with his partner Thorlene. Peter Hall and Martin Webb sauntered in to close the event, having picked up scones at a store on the way across from the Lion Inn today.

The final leaderboard for the hill sprint reads:
Benjamin Lacrouts - 3:47
Karl Shields - 4:24
Mark Lattanzi - 4:49

And the ladies
Harriet Shields - 5:20 (7th overall)
Angela White - 6:10 (11th overall)
Karen Nash - 7:48 (14th overall)

And with that, bar packing all the kit up and everyone getting home, is the Northern Traverse 2018 concluded. Check out the galleries and our daily videos from Summit Fever Media over on Facebook. Thanks for watching!

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About The Author

Known as 'Pyro'. An adventure racer & skilled paddler who says he's a 'picture taker and word herder'. He's reported for SleepMonsters for many years, including World Championships, the Alaska Expedition Race, and Raid Gaspesie in Canada. He'll get where he needs to be to get the story and some great photos and then he'll have a beer.

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