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Movistar TerraAventura Win Huairasinchi 2018

Author : Press Release

PhotoCredit : Huairasinchi

Date Posted : 2018/07/26

The winning teams at Huairasinchi



Day 3 started with various teams at the trekking leg of 41km. Team Movistar TerraAventura kept the first place at all CPs gaining more and more distance from the rest of the teams. After completing the whole route, with 55 hours and 22 minutes, they passed the finish line at 17h50 at Hotel Sangay in Baños and became the winner of Huairasinchi Movistar 2018 for second time in a row.

The weather finally helped, at least for the first teams that were able to complete the course of trekking, bike and the ascension to the Tungurahua Volcano.

Second place of Elite category was very tight. At TA5 in San Jorge, three teams arrived very close to each other, first Team Fairis Uniandes #2, followed by team Life Adventureteam/ Imptek #10 and Movistar Ecuador #9. The three teams made a very fast transition and rushed down with their bikes towards Tungurahua Volcano.

Team Life Adventureteam/ Imptek had to pay a 1-hour penalty due to the team member who was not able to do the rope system; she tried but couldn’t due to a panic attack. Team #10 payed the penalty during the last maned CP after checking out from TA6 at a penalty box without access to their gear bins. That got them behind, but the second place was still sprinted by the other two teams. Fairis Uniandes #2 was faster, and they reached the finish line second at 23h44 of day 3.

Team Movistar Ecuador #9 crossed the finish line at 23h55 making the third place in podium. Team Life Adventureteam/ Imptek #10 was fourth at Huairasinchi Movistar 2018, they crossed the finish line at Hotel Sangay in Baños at 23h53. The last full course team that will make it to the finish line in fifth position is team New Zealand #8 who are still coming down from the shelter of the Tungurahua Volcano. Team Papacara #5 made it to Baños at 1h20 of day 4 with a short course.

Adventure teams had a tough day as well. They started day 3 at 6h00 from San Jorge community to complete 39km of biking and 15km of trekking to the Tungurahua Volcano shelter at 3.796m. The highest point of the race, the metal cross at 4670m was eliminated by the organization due to weather conditions. Many of the attained positions changed during this last day.

Times at the finish line are not official for Adventure team since the organization needs to revise the times of the three days, penalties and add final times. However, the first four Adventure teams that crossed the finish line of day 3 in the following order: 1) team Aring Trotamundos #22; 2) Yanakuri #28; 3) Nortrailer #26; 4) Servier #33. All Adventure teams crossed the finish line which are excellent news. After the fourth team, the following ones reached Baños: #32, #23, #31, #27, #34, #25, #35, and team #24. According to the race referee, teams #26 and #27 will receive a time penalty for separation.

Huarisinchi finishes with the following retired teams: #6, #7, #11, #12, #15 and #16.

Elite teams that continue on the route are teams: #8, #17, #13, #4, #3, #14 and #20. They will not make the last high mountain trek to Tungurahua Volcano since there is a cut off at Pondoa.

The 15th edition of #HUIRASINCHIMovistar 2018 was a great success. In spite of the weather that changed some of the original plans, teams are very excited and happy about the course, the toughness of the route, the mountains, the rivers, the amazing landscapes and all that Ecuador has to offer for adventure racing. 

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