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International Entry For the Fifth Edition

Author : Press Release

PhotoCredit : RIG

Date Posted : 2018/09/05

Brad Jennings and Jessica Kuepfer at the 2017 finishFrom September 6 to 9th, the Société de développement et de mise en valeur de Carleton-sur-Mer (SDMC) and Endurance Aventure will stage the Raid international Gaspésie (RIG)! For a fifth consecutive year, the Gaspésie natural playground will once again be the backdrop of a spectacular sports event hosting international and national enthusiast extreme sports athletes.

As in previous years, adventure racers will cross the start and finish lines in the host city of Carleton-sur-Mer, where all the peripheral activities will also take place. “This year, the race will also bring the athletes to discover the hidden treasures of the MRC du Rocher-Percé … well beyond its rock! Although Carleton-sur-Mer remains the central point, our primary goal since the first RIG edition is to promote the whole region.” Says with enthusiasm Mathieu Lapointe, Mayor of Carleton-sur-Mer.
Cathy Poirier, Mayor of Percé, is delighted with the coming of the event. “Since 2016, we have significantly enhanced and diversified our tourism offer, with the arrival of the Geopark among other things. The area of Percé and its surroundings abounds with magnificent and less known places. We are anxious to see how the RIG will showcase them.” Remember that the Percé Geopark received the prestigious UNESCO Global Geopark designation in the spring of 2018.

International Popularity

The popularity of the RIG is undeniable, all the available spots were rapidly taken. 160 athletes from 10 different countries will be challenged by a course carefully drawn (with a touch of craziness) by Endurance Aventure team. Among the international teams, note the participation of Mexico and Hong Kong, which are both at their first RIG. Athletes from France, the United States, Italy, Estonia, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Spain are also eager to cross the starting line!
“International athletes are always pleasantly surprised by the warm welcome given to them by the Gaspésie population,” said Daniel Labillois, spokesperson for the event. “This is something they do not find elsewhere in the other adventure races.”
Canadian teams are not left out, including Olympian Lyne Bessette team, who is back for a fifth consecutive year. Lyne and her teammate Benoit Simard form the Espresso Sports/100aB7 duo are determined to make their competitors bite the dust! Last year, Marianne Desrosiers and Audrey Bastien from Gaspésie region, the only women’s team in the 300km category, offered a solid performance. This year, three other teams will join them in the same category. The competition will for sure be of a very high caliber!
Desjardins Youth Prologue

The Raid international Gaspésie stands out from other adventure raids, especially by organizing the Desjardins Youth Prologue. Since the first edition, this segment of the race, which focuses on adopting and promoting healthy life habits and surpassing oneself, gives the chance to nearly 300 young teenagers to take up the challenge. This year, they come from every part of Gaspésie and even from the Eastern Townships, the students from La Ruche School located in Magog will participate.

Each youth team will be paired with a RIG athlete with whom they will have to complete a 20 km course by running, cycling, canoeing and perhaps experience another dizzying challenge, who knows? A new element is added to the prologue this year: the prologue will be the first checkpoint of the official race.


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