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Ocean and River Paddling on Day 2

Author : Press Release

PhotoCredit : RIG

Date Posted : 2018/09/10

Scrambling at Raid international Gaspésie

Once again, the fifth Raid international Gaspésie’s racers were able to enjoy the magnificent scenery of Percé to start their second day of competition. At the beginning of the course, after a short section of canoe during which they had the chance to go around the majestic Rocher Percé, the teams saddled up to start a long section of mountain bike that led them in the Gaspésie countryside, looking for control points.
At the end of the previous day, Anthony Audet and Simon Mercier, both runners in the 300 km, but in different teams, had both ended up without a partner after having encountered some difficulties. However, they did not throw in the towel, they decided to continue the race together. Today, in the 150 km, Team Desrosiers/Lagacé has had to give up during the course.
According to the comments given at the finish line, athletes were delighted with the last part of the course, a technical 10 km canoe section on the Grande Rivière. Thinking they had faced all the challenges of the day, the racers had one last surprise on the agenda: a zip line starting on a railway bridge that dragged them into the cold river. It is therefore wet and somewhat frozen by the cool temperature and the gusting winds that they concluded this second day.
Here are the overall cumulative results:
In the 300 km, Sport Expert St-Raymond/Espresso Sport (Martin Hardy and Danny Déry-Chamberland) took first place with a time of 15:45:10, followed very closely by 100aB7 (Lyne Bessette and Martin Lacasse), which accumulated 15:45:12. Team Volkswagen and Kia New Richmond (Daniel Barriault and Jano Poirier) maintained their third position, with 16:23:40.
In the 150 km, team Pabok (Rémi Castilloux and Alex Clément) maintains its first place with a cumulative time of 13:05:39. They were followed by Les Charlots - Cartier wind energy (Antoine Moses and Raphaël Arsenault), in second place, with a cumulative time of 13:07:50. Produits naturels Mondias (Marc Leblanc and Raphaël Cyr) is in third place with a time of 13:39:57.
Tomorrow, for the last day of the competition, the 300 km and 150 km starts will be in two stages at the Gesgapegiag First Nations Ceremonial Pow-wow Grounds. The racers of the 300 km will start at 5 am and those of the 150 km at 7 am. Arrival time is scheduled from 11 am at Horizons Park in Carleton-sur-Mer.

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Raid International Gaspesie 2018 - Day 2


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