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Why Has The First Raid Del Viento Proved So Popular?

Author : Press Release

PhotoCredit : Chips Adventure Team

Date Posted : 2018/09/26

The Chips Adventure Team from Ecuador preparing for Raid Del Viento

Raid Del Viento is the last of this year’s Adventure Race World Series demonstration races, and the slightly shorter expedition races in new locations have proved very popular.

That is certainly the case with Raid Del Viento in Argentinean Patagonia which filled up very fast and is expecting 32 teams with racers from 13 nationalities to be on the start line on October 9th.

The combination of Patagonia and ARWS competition has proved a be an irresistible draw to teams and this is what some of those entered for this new expedition race adventure had to say about why they are going;

Merrell Chips Adventure Team (Uruguay) Nico Davyt

“Our team formed more than 13 years ago and we’ve raced almost all the races on the adventure circuit of Uruguay (

For years now we’ve held the dream of participating in the ARWS and Raid del Viento has excited us again. The costs are lower as it’s in a bordering country and we know racing in Argentina where there are wonderful places for all adventure lovers like us.

We live practically at sea level and we are dazzled by the landscapes of mountains, lakes, volcanoes and snow.  From what we can see they will all be present in this race.  When someone says Patagonia, you know it will be amazing!”

Merrell/Leki  (Denmark, Sweden, NZ) – Lars Bukkehave

“Our team had a great race to win in Oregon earlier in the year (another ARWS Demonstration Race) and we were looking for a race for the same team. (Micke can’t make it so we swapped in Tom Spencer from NZ.)

We all really want to go to Argentina and see some remote mountains. Raid Del Viento offered that and the ropes course sounds epic. We are looking forward to racing in the Southern Hemisphere – and I’ve just got the compass!”

Alquimistas NonStop (Argentina) - Martin Sangiacomo

“This will be the first time racing in the ARWS for our team, so we are very anxious about it but we've trained very hard to finish the race.

We chose this race because we love Patagonia and we don't know the Chos Malal area – not yet anyway!”

Team Patagonia (Argentina) - Francisco Quirno Cost

“Well... we are from Patagonia and we wanted to share this experience near home.  I know the organisers Daniel and Miriam as well so I'm sure it will be an excellent race. 

Personally my father’s ashes rest in "Cordillera del Viento" so it’s special to me too. 

We have no sponsors and have been fundraising with many, many friends who helped us to get the money to take part and race – so in a way we are the biggest team in the race!”

Adventure Medical Kits (USA) – Mari Chandler

“This spring the race directors of Raid Del Viento invited us to come to Argentina and take on their new World Series demonstration race.  No one on the team has ever travelled or raced that far south into South America and we jumped at the opportunity to do so!

It is going to be a very long trip just to reach the starting line, but the team is looking forward to a new adventure and racing in the beautiful country of Argentina.”

Team XK Ansilta (Argentina) - Juan Ignacio Ceseracciu

In Argentina adventure sport and especially Expedition racing is raising its level.  Only 5 years ago few people were dedicated to expedition sports and this race is special as it is part of the AR World Series calendar.

The organization helps to impose certain rules and standard regulations and the fact Raid Del viento is part of the AR World calendar attracts a lot of foreign teams which we Argentines do not always have the ability to measure ourselves against technically and physically. Now we have that chance and we wanted to take it.”

Team 4Sport (Chile) – Gerardo Romeny

“Raid del Viento is a good opportunity to be part of an ARWS race, and to test ourselves against some very, very good teams. I am personally very curious about how much of a gap there might be for us against AMK.  I think it´ll be a very good benchmark on how far away one of the best teams in the world is from us.

Also, it is geographically very close to us (we estimate 7 hrs by road to get to Chos Malal), and the entry fees are very affordable, so an ARWS race, close to home, at a very good price, how could we miss it?”

Uruguay Natural Ultra Sports – Reuben Mandure

“In Raid del Viento we hope to find the old spirit of Desafío de los Volcanoes, or Tierra Viva, authentic expedition races in Los Andes. We miss them!

Dani Pincu, the organizer, is my friend. We’ve ran together many times and in 2003 we were in the first edition of The Patagonian Expedition Race, reaching a very select podium. We’ve raced in the same team too in Argentina, Spain, South Africa and Brazil.

And now, our team is training hard for the challenge of meeting many strong World ranked teams in Neuquén.”

Alquimistas Mix Team (Argentina) – Pablo Badenes

“We are the Alchemists Mix team. For some years we have been racing expedition races in Argentina and Latin America. This is an opportunity to get to know the world circuit in our own country.

It's going to be a fantastic race where we hope to be able to measure ourselves against the best teams in the world.

Hopefully, Argentine Patagonia can be a fixed date in the world racing circuit!”

About Raid Del Viento

You can see all the details of Raid Del Viento and a full team list at


Twitter; @raiddelviento

The race takes place from October 9-14th in the North Neuquen region of Argentina and is an AR World Series demonstration race for 2018.

Teams of 4 will race non-stop for up to 4 days on a 300km course including trekking, mountain biking, rope skills, orienteering, kayaking and snowshoeing.

You can see a preview video of the race at;

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