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The First Raid Del Viento Is Ready To Go!

Press Release / Photo : Raid Del Viento / 08.10.2018

Kayaking at Raid Del Viento

Raid Del Viento, the last of this year’s Adventure Race World Series demonstration races starts on October 9th in Argentinean Patagonia with 31 teams including racers from 13 nationalities set to be on the start line.

The race will take place in the province Neuquen starting from the town of Chos Malal from where teams will set off into the surrounding ‘Cordillera de Viento’ to experience the summits, valleys, rivers and lakes of this Andean wilderness paradise. 

The exact course will remain secret until just before the race start, but teams do know the high point will be the 3600m peak of a volcano and the altitude will test many of the visiting teams, especially those based at sea level. (The teams all have to carry equipment for travel in snow and ice conditions.)

Teams do have an outline of the course so they know they’ll start with a fast 5km orienteering stage as the first of 14 stages on a 350km route including trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting and technical ropes sections. The race will finish with another 5km orienteering stage (this time in town) ... but that one might not be so fast!

Some of the world’s top teams and most experienced racers are taking part in the competition.  The race sees a return to competition for Team Adventure Medical Kits (USA) who are ranked number two in the world and lead by Mari Chandler.  The team includes Olof Hedberg and Erik Sanders and they are joined by Martin Sáenz of Ecuador.  Mari commented; “The team is looking forward to a new adventure and racing in the beautiful country of Argentina!”

Also taking part is the current number one Latin American team, Uruguay Natural Ultra Sports, lead by Ruben Mandure. He has raced in Argentina many times and is joined by Federica Frontini, Gonzalo Smaldone and Thiago Bonini.  (The same team plan to take part in the AR World Championships in Reunion Island in November.)

Another very experienced racer (and former World Champion) is Fran Costoya, who leads team ‘Meridiano Raid – Bimbache’ (Spain) and they are the only full European team in the race.  (Jesus Bermego, Lucia Fumes and Pablo Samper complete the team.)

Team Leki Merrell led by Lars Bukkehave already have an ARWS Demonstration race win this year (Expedition Oregon) and three of that winning team are in Argentina.  Sisters Lina and Sanna El Kott Helander from Sweden are racing again and the team have pulled in New Zealander Tom Spencer as their 4th racer.  Lars said, “Lina and Sanna have been on the podium of every race they’ve done since Oregon so if the competition is not scared then Tom and I are! We have to keep up.”

About Raid Del Viento

You can see all the details of Raid Del Viento and a full team list at


Twitter; @raiddelviento

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